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04/28/13 04:49 PM
Tohshiba Kirabook -- Finally A "Retina" Display Windows Ultrabook

Came across a nice little surprise while surfing the web.

There was some talk a while back about Toshiba possibly releasing a "retina" laptop.... well the time has come.

Toshiba Kirabook

The ultrabook has a 13.3 inch 2560x1440 touch screen display on it (Toshiba calls it "Pixel Pure" instead of "Retina Display" ... most likely to avoid a lawsuit. Comes in 3 configurations (and is pretty pricey) 1. Core I5 (Non-Touch) 2. Core I5 Touch 3. Core I7 Touch ... while all 3 models come standard wih 8 GB Ram and 256 GB SSD.

Next, Toshiba claims it to be 100% stronger (than the Aluminum body in the Mac Book Air) due to using Magnesium for the body.

It's suppose to launch May 5 (on the website) and consumer stores (May 12).

The only downside I see (besides price) is that Intel's new Haswell Chip is about a month away from release so this will launch with Ivy Bridge. Hopefully, they'll have a refresh down the road since Haswell is supposed to do wonders for an Ultrabook.

The official website (which also looks like a total rip off of apple's is:

The reason I posted about it is ... No one reviews a product like Lisa G. Maybe you'll treat us to this product review as well.

Eagerly Awaiting,
Chris W. (Philly PA.)

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