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04/29/13 06:09 PM
Re: Setting-up a 13.3" Samsung Series 7 Ultra (NP740U3E-A01UB)

The wonderful 9.1 WEI subscore for disk data transfer did not last. I am down to 8.4. After a restart Samsung Settings failed again to keep the Battery Life Extender setting. This prompted me to redo the disk copy with Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12.

This time I use the “HDD raw processing” setting rather than allowing the software to resize the C: drive partition automatically. According to Paragon, “HDD raw processing” copies the hard disk “in the sector-by-sector mode, thus ignoring its information structure (e.g. unallocated space or unused sectors of existing partitions will be processed as well)” which “can help to avoid problems with hidden data created by certain applications or the system administrator.”

I was surprised that Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 did not allow me to use the unallocated space to extend the C: drive partition after performing the disk copy. However, MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.8 accomplished this effortlessly.

Now, Samsung Settings keeps the Battery Life Extender setting and Windows Optimize Drives shows all four partitions as follows:

(C:) - OK
SAMSUNG_REC - Optimization not available
Windows RE tools - OK

However, I was disappointed to lose the 9.1 disk subscore. This supports your assertion about WEI being unreliable. I measured disk performance running the Windows System Assessment at the Command Prompt (C:\windows\system32>winsat disk) and got the following results.

Disk Random 16.0 Read - 394.70 MB/s - 8.2
Disk Sequential 64.0 Read - 512.08 MB/s - 8.1
Disk Sequential 64.0 Write - 267.99 MB/s - 7.6
Average Read Time with Sequential Writes - 0.567 ms - 7.9
Latency: 95th Percentile - 2.961 ms - 7.0
Latency: Maximum - 4.305 ms - 8.6
Average Read Time with Random Writes - 0.665 ms - 8.6

Is this typical for a Crucial m4 256GB mSATA SSD drive?


Wow, that's an excellent benchmark result for the Crucial m4!

BTW, Samsung's recovery app can also clone drives, though I'm not sure the results would have been any different. As for TRIM on the other partitions, my stock machine lists 4 partitions under the Optimize option, with 1 partition described as "optimization not available". Mine does not have the Intel hibernation partition, yours might? The C drive would be the only one where deletes are common (again assuming you don't have a hibernation partition), so TRIM wouldn't have much of an effect on the recovery partitions which aren't written to.

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