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04/30/13 02:28 AM
Samsung S7 Ultra Setup for a Newbie

Well, not really a newbie, but so old that I know nothing again. The last time I was involved in making boot disk and putting on Operating Systems it was DOS 3.0 ( I will not mention CPM ). Make the disk bootable, copy MSDOS.sys and IO.sys over to it, and then copy any untilities.

Now, based upon reviews here, I have aquired a Samsung Series 7 Ultra book. I want to upgrade the memory, which I have on order. This seems no different than in the old days. Now I also want to upgrade the SSD and I have one on order.

Now the questions, so as not to hijack the other thread:

I want first to make a bootable USB,do a out of box system backup on it, and install the restoration utility on it. The point is to have one 'disk' that can be used to restore the system to factory defaults in the case of a system failure. I need a little nudge in the correct direction ( there is alot of information out there and I am in overload ).

I want to secondly make a clean Windows 8 Pro install, and then install my programs. Then I want to make a another bootable USB with my 'configured' system restoration files on it, and a restoration utility.

I also would like to get a assembler on it. It has been a while, but would like to try my hand at coding again. I can not seem to find MASM, or it's new equivalent. I expect that my old version 1.0 will not run.

Thx's, Jason.

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