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10/25/08 09:02 AM
Basic4ppc V6.50 is released

Basic4ppc is a development environment which targets windows mobile devices.
Basic4ppc includes a large set of libraries such as: GPS, Network, Database (SQL), Serial ports, FTP, HTTP (web services), HTTP, Graphics, Pocket Outlook and many more.
Basic4ppc version 6.50 introduces the new concept of modules.

By separating your project into several modules it is much easier to develop and maintain large projects and reuse code components in different projects.
? Modules:
- Code can be divided into several modules files.
- Each module can include any number of forms, controls and objects.
- Scope - Subs and global variables can be either private or public.
? Tabbed interface - The desktop IDE includes a tabbed interface. Each module can be edited in a different tab.
? AutoComplete feature (Ctrl + Space) was improved, and now also includes all keywords and support for modules.
? Find & Replace dialog was modified to support the new tabbed interface.
? Libraries are automatically copied to the source code folder.
? Compiled applications are compatible with Vista 64 bit.
? Bug fixes.
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