07/23/09 02:22 AM
Universal Capacitive Stylus (ball tip+tether+audio JACK)

Hello Everyone,

Songtak released new PDA Stylus for iPhone/ iPod touch/ BlackBerry Storm/ HTC Magic/ Gphone(G1).

Model No.: SXC-116 with ball tip + tether + audio JACK.

Here it is:

1. High quality, lightweight and easy to use.
2. Optional with a special designed of PHONE JACK to fix this stylus. Easy plug, easy go.
3. Fit to most of capacitive touch panel device
4. Durable rubber tip is as softer as FINGER touch.
5. Use this stylus to keep screen clean from finger smudge and grease.
6. It's sensitive to type, tap,write,draw,slide and play games.
7. Provide typing comfort, accuracy and efficiency.
8. Excellent with gloves.
9. Possible to tether this stylus as a necklace or as a phone charm.
10. Easy to take off from tether for use.
11. While using the capacitive panel need to get the stylus tip surface upon 80%.
12. ROHS compliant
13. Patents:Japan,USA,Taiwan,China
14. Made in Taiwan.

Optional Color:
Black, White, Purple, Blue and Light Green

OEM and ODM orders are welcome!!

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