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05/17/10 12:40 PM
Re: Ancient Words - iPhone & iPod Touch Game

I found a new interesting game in Iphone Store, this's the information about it!

Anrufen IGA is officially launched at App Store
May 17, 2010
A free version of Anrufen Online - a Massive Multiplayer Online Game published by WiSTONE - is available in Apple App Store on May 17, 2010.
This is version is integrated with in-game advertisement. In its description, it remarks specially that players who don't want to see the ads can choose other versions based on subscriptions. Anrufen Online have been offering quarterly/monthly subscription pricing at $12.99/$4.99 for both Symbian and iPhone versions.
The versions of Anrufen Online are more likely trial ones rather than official publishing, and this free version is just a promotion test. Since the product is as new as its unprecedented business modes, WiSTONE also acknowledges that glitches and errors do exist in this game. ?We have no choice, but to try our best efforts to enhance the product, especially when we?re receiving so many fantastic ideas and suggestions from players all over the world?? Johnny Sheng, Product Director of Anrufen Online says. In its official forum there is a special post collecting ideas and suggestions from Players worldwide, reasonable ones of which will be possibly reflected in the expected new version of Anrufen Online.
Click Here to Get Anrufen IGA version now!

About Anrufen Online
Anrufen Online brings out all the best aspects of PC-style of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The game is featuring:
- Two classes: Knight and Wizard with specialized class skills for your choice
- Exciting, real-time combat against monsters or other players
- Rich interactivity between players, like teamed dungeon raid and friend making
- Raise Familiars and summon them to fight for you
- Elegant, easy-to-use interface, with an isometric viewpoint
- Huge, beautiful fantasy themed world and dozens of monsters, hundreds of weapons, armors and items
- High streamlined and conducive to short or long play sessions
Anrufen Online Official Site: http://anrufen.wistone.com/
Customer Service (iPhone): iphelp@wistone.com
Customer Service (Symbian): anrufen@wistone.com
Game Video

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