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09/09/11 02:00 AM
Babes vs Robots!

What?s up!

Our game Babes vs Robots is in the App Store, and it?s ready to kick boredom?s butt!

Let's do a Q&A!
?What?s Babes vs Robots??
Are you for real? Only the latest, greatest iPhone game from Tiny Spaceman Media and Pyntail. And those bad mama-jammas have 16 apps that made the Top 100 list.

?So it?s a game??
Heck yes it?s a game. Take your favorite physics puzzle game (a la Angry Birds) and mix it with that retro side scrolling platformer you grew up playing. Then dress the whole thing in a 1950s sci-fi theme.

?What?s it like??
It?s like a unicorn humping a t-rex in a puddle of TMNT ooze. In other words, awesome!
Robots invaded our planet and are kicking the crap out of humanity. We?re done for. They?re celebrating, making themselves at home, thinking Earth is theirs. But wait! Who?s that total babe in heels and a miniskirt? And is that a rocket launcher? Darn skippy it is. And she?s ready to kick robo-ass.

?Wait, did you just say ?darn skippy???
No more questions.

Hope you guys like it, I?ll be around these parts if you need me. Check out our Facebook page, we?ll be doing a bunch of giveaways and contests over the next few weeks.


Here?s where to find Babes vs Robots on iTunes:

And here?s the regular ol? website:

And while you?re at it, check this stuff out:

Opening and Gamplay Video

Robot Splash

Babes Splash

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