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03/23/13 03:54 PM
Pili Pili Rush by The Game Atelier (2D puzzle platformer)

Travel the World with Pili Pili ! Help him to collect some eggs for his friend
Minka, the fire bird. But why does he want so many eggs? You shall go
through a long trip before solving this mysterious secret.
Get across an Aztec temple, some haunted woods, a strange garden, a
distant isle, and even visit the doors from hell in this platformer game with
its unique atmosphere !

Pili Pili Rush will be available on March 29th !

Pili Pili Rush features all of this, and even more:
• An adventure subtly mixing action and puzzle
• 60 levels in 6 different gorgeous and colorful environments
• 2 difficulty levels for hours of fun
• Online scores via Game Center
• Music themes you won’t forget
• Game compatible with iCade

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