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08/02/04 01:54 AM
about ready to buy...

been looking for quite a number of weeks now, finally decided to shell out for the mid-priced Axim X30, mainly down to you review thankyou ... it seems to have everything with no real compromises, and its just within my price range (being a student)

but since everyone is going on about battery life & extra batteries - is it worth ordering the Dell brand one at the same time: will they be any higher quality than a 3rd party one? similar question relating to the cases, theres a Dell leather case that you can order at the same time ... but i didnt see it in the cases review. i dont want to throw too much money at this thing just yet if the Dell brand accessories are not much better quality or value than anything else going around.
and finally - for any aussies - are 3rd party batteries and cases easy to come by in australia? ive only seen stuff for hp in shops ... but then we're pretty behind over here

*phew* thanks guys, keep up the good werk

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