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08/10/04 04:14 PM
Which wireless headset for the X30?

I have ordered an Axim X30 (600mhz) and hope that I get it before the end of the decade (they seem to be shipping slowly). I have looked at some posts and read some info on a few bluetooth headsets that are supposed to work on the X30 -- the Jabra and the Logitech in particular.

Mostly I want to use the headset for listening. I don't care about using it with a cell phone. If I could get JUST a bluetooth wireless earphone I would do that. But since I think there is NO such thing, I will get one of the above mentioned headsets.

Which is better for what I need? The Jabra Freespeak 250 or the Logitech Bluetooth?

The review I read doesn't seem to have a favorite pick AND I am only interested in the listening aspect of the headsets.

I'd really like to hear from a few actual users of these units (particularly if the have an Axim X30) and the experiences they have had with them.

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