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01/10/05 05:47 PM
SD Card info

Hey, I really like the information on the site, very usefull. I've been using my dad's old Palm 3 for the last year and its about time for an upgrade. I first looked at the Palm Tungsten T series, and they looked pretty good. Untill one day I saw the HP rx 3115 at best buy and seriously started considering a PPC. It's still a little pricey for me in college about to get married in june, so I looked at comparable PPC's on the net, found this site and the review on the X30. That and my school sells the mid-0range unit for $200.
So, my questions are; (1)Is there a limit to the size of SD card used for storage? Usually reviews suggest a 128 Mb card but can you use up to the 1 Gb cards? and the second question is, (2) For the X30 mid-range's hardware specs, what is the best sd card brand/speed to get? Considering read speads/write speeds, and storage size. As a side note, I like filling all my storage for some reason. It happens. I bought a 160 Gb HD for my computer to go with the 120 I already had, and had it filled within a week from friends. SO there will be all sorts of media and programs on my PDA. Any help would be awesome.

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