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01/13/05 08:19 AM
X30 Wi-Fi No signal power at all.

Hello all,This is my first post here...
I spend 5-6 hours the other day seaching on sites for FAQs and Tutorials to try and help me to get WI-FI working on my X30H,i just wanted to see if i could get by with out using any one`s time first... Seems i could`nt so could some one please help me?

Well i got my ;"Edimax wireless LAN Mini USA Adapther (IEEE 802.11b WIFI)"the other day and started to try and link it up with my X30H and it wouldn`t connect at first.I dont have a router but i have two other network connections:"BT Boardband & Local Area Connection" I was able to get the Edimax`s to connect to my X30H but only the Edimax had signal power,the X30H picked the connect up but didn`t have any signal power at all.. Im all new too WI-FI (and with PDAs)..
so im not sure if i need any more hardware.. I have set up an ad-hoc network on my PC without WEP etc do i need to turn DHCP on or somthing?
(what is DHCP please)Or do i need more or different hardware? Thank you for any replys, any comments are welcome.Thanks.

Edimax`s Main Website

Manual To The Usb Wireless (PDF)

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