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02/10/05 05:11 AM
Dell Axim x50v vs. iPaq 4155?

I'm having trouble deciding whether to purchase a Dell Axim x50v at a bargain price of $375, or go with an iPaq 4155. Obviously, the Dell's features and performance definitely surpass the iPaq, which is already being phased out for the newer (uglier) HP models. However, I'm not a PDA gamer nor will I be using my PDA to watch a lot of video. My PDA will mostly be used for medical databases, PIM, Microsoft Word and Wi-Fi, with occasional video usage. I really love the iPaq's form factor as it can easily fit in my pocket, whereas the Dell is a bit too chunky for that purpose. Would getting a 4155 be a good deal for me, or will I be missing out on some great Dell features (not to mention a bargain), especially considering the 4155 came out 2 years ago?

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