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09/09/05 10:51 PM
Re: wifi and battery questions

my dell will find availabe hotspots then ask you which connection you want--thats wonderful the alternative of telling yur pda which conection your looking for as with hp is nota good one

PDAs seem to be forgoten softwear wise perhaps to few use them becouse palm were the main provider at first and like apple provided a high price non marketable Dell and others have really good PDAs and dell in particular with624 procesor we need softwear

Ive used my dell this year where laptops couldent go,and with a wi-fi finder can use my PDA imagin carrying a laptop even a 12inch one just hopeing to find a hotspot/cafe my Dell went in my pocket as i left my boat and i was able to breakfast or have lunch on a small table while cheching replying to my emails and surfing!

PDAs may seem to week/small at home but travelling there perfect the Dell with 624 processor and second battery in particular--PDA batterys dont cost as much as laptop ones!!!

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