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01/07/06 12:27 AM
Axim x51v - WM 5 bluetooth stack is terrible!!

I upgraded from the x50v (of which I was a very early and satisfied adopter) to the x51v because I thought Windows Mobile 5 would improve things like bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. They fixed the Wi-Fi security compatibility, but Bluetooth has really, really fallen off the wagon. Before Dell included a Broadcom bluetooth stack, and it allowed me to do things like upload ringtones (in MP3 format), and download pictures from (in JPG format), my Motorolla v650 and v505. Get this: I could even context click an entry in my phonebook and have it dialed on my phone, connected in turn to a bluetooth earpiece (in addition to GPRS). Now they use Microsoft's bluetooth stack, and all I can do is dial through GPRS, which *is* the most important bluetooth feature, granted (at least for me), but should be just the beginning. I mean, what about stereo earphones, ObEx, PAN etc.? There's a rumor going around on AximSite.com that the big MS is working on a new stack, and all I've gotta say is that they'd better do it fast, or there will be a large client and vendor base who are very frustrated with the folks in Redmond. Guys! Just buy Broadcom. You'll still have enough left in your wallets to buy lunch.

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