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02/09/06 09:42 PM
Re: Ratio: Replies here to Posts.

First off, let me say that I am very happy that you took what I suggested correctly. I am a very direct person and some folks, especially in todays social climate, are not used to direct input.

When I first found this site I thought to myself, " These folks seem to have all the bases covered, think I'll sign up." I posted my first question, waited 24+ hours and heard nothing back. OK, they are busy in other sections and haven't gotten to me yet. No problem. It was then that I started gauging the number of posts vs the number of replies. I was in business for 25 years and I know how important service is to success. My only intention was to give you wonderful folks a heads up. I believe that this is the way you took my suggestion. I assume that you folks are volunteers and I took that into consideration also. I recently was a member of a Photo Site in which I wrote articles for beginning photographers. The person that owned the site paid little attention to the members and no attention to updating the site on a frequent basis. Just like marketing in a store, the merchandise has to be changed and moved often to show a fresh appearance for new and returning customers. To make a long story short, the photo site is defunct and that person is out a lot of time, energy and money. I hate to see that happen.

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