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03/29/06 07:39 PM
Re: Dell AximX30

I've been shopping for one but I refuse to pay the sucker price.

There is actually an on line Amazon seller asking over $400 for one. They say it is new but it is still 2 or 3 year old tech stuff. There isn't a computer existing that appreciates, they all depreciate. There are others selling used and refurbs in the high $200 to low $300 range. Dell has an X51 on their outlet, almost identical to the X30. The X51 has a lower MHz but I doubt if the human eye would notice it and you get an updated OS. The Dell outlet price is $350.

I would hesitate, no I'll be more to the point, I would not trust a seller that is trying to charge me a price that is higher than original pricing. I looked at old X30 reviews for all three models and back in 2004 the price for a top of the line X30 was $349.

Buyer beware and just let the sellers sit on their over priced items. I believe in paying a fair price for a fair sale.

<<The X30 Model Lineup

The basic model has a 312 MHz processor, 32 megs of RAM and no wireless.
The middle model has Bluetooth, WiFi. Top of the line model costs $349.>>

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