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09/23/06 04:27 PM
Please advise me about the Dell x51v ? should I buy it?

I use a IPAQ h2215 now, and have recently purchased an iGuidance + BT-359 GPS system. They both work great with my IPAQ, however, there are some issues with the h2215 that I want to get past. One is HP?s implementation of BT ? it really sucks. I?ve upgraded the ROM which made a big difference, but the constant rebooting is a major pain. The task switching is another issue.

These are some things I need to know about the x51v:

If I have a fully featured BT compatible cell phone, can I dial my phone from the x51v?

How much user accessible memory is available?

Can I WiFi or BT synch the x51v with my PC?

I have 512 MB CF card now ? it works great with my IPAQ. Any issues with this on the x51v?

What?s the CF or SD MB limit?

Is the 16 MB accelerated VGA primarily for presentations, or does the accelerated VGA chip improve the PDA?s video performance?

I?ve read that Dell?s customer support sucks ? is that true?

Anybody bought their x51v from a company besides Dell?

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