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10/23/06 05:38 PM
Re: Please advise me about the Dell x51v ? should I buy it?

I'm going to try to answer your questions as best as I can . I just sold my Axim x51v if you're interested in my overall position.

1- I doubt it, I never tried it, but I don't think a protocol like that exists or is available. I'd imagine you'd be good with a google search there.

2- 192mb

3- BT - Yes. I'm unsure as to Wifi syncing.

4- Nope. You should be fine. I used a 1GB CF Card.

5- CF- I'd imagine it's 4GB, that's a guess though. SD, I have no idea. I never used it with this device.

6- It does assist with the PDA's video performance, and is also used if you put the PDA in presentation mode.

7- If you have need for Dell customer service (i.e. Can't find your answer via Google or asking in a public fourm), then you've got a bigger issue. I've only used Dell CS once, a few years ago- but yes, it was terrible then.

8- Yes. I purchased mine from a wholesaler.

Some remarks:

I sold mine, because I've been through many PDA devices in the past few months, and found that the Axim just wasn't what I was looking for. I've used several Treos, and the PPC-6700. I found the 6700 much more user intuitive, and without the need to attach, and reattach an external keyboard, it was much more friendly all in all. Believe me, unless you like writing on the little screens, an integrated keyboard is a godsend.


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