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01/29/09 12:57 AM
sync port damaged

I recently purchased a used dell axim x30. the port on the device where the plug for the charging/sync cable goes, has gold colored connectors, as these devices do. the ones on mine are bent and missing, and i believe this is the reason the plug will not stay in. This I believe must be directly related to the pc not recognizing the device is there.
The odd thing is, as incredibly loose as the connection is, the battery will charge when it's plugged in, but it will not sync, when the sync cable, which is not plugged directly into the bottom of the device, and which is plugged in firmly to the bottom of the charger plug, doesn't work.
Now, aside from that, I know this is a stupid question, but I would like some kind of outside opinion from someone more knowledgable with Dell axims than myself, before I attempt to return the device.
Is this normal for Dell Axims, or did the seller sell me a device where he somehow damaged the charge/sync port so badly the device is now useless, except for the programs already on it?

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