05/26/05 05:04 AM
Verizon blocks ipaq bluetooth. Other options?

I have an ipaq 4355, which I LOVE. It's excellent. It has bluetooth and wifi. I was looking at upgrading my Verizon phone to a bluetooth phone, thinking I could interface it w/ my ipaq: e.g., to dial #s directly from my contact list.

The Verizon store in our area tells me that I cannot do that with the bluetooth phone they use (I forget the model #, but its a Motorola). He said I could use a bluetooth headset with this phone, or a bluetooth connection to my speakerphone in my car, but NOT my ipaq. He said Verizon has blocked that, so that people don't use it to illegally trade or give away downloaded ringtones. Yup. That's what he said. Unbelievable.

I'm wondering if there are other options with other carriers, or is this a universal thing, that they block my wifi bluetooth.

Thanks in advance for any help here.


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