06/09/05 05:56 AM
Re: Security: Sync to something other than My Documents Folder?

Thank you for this post. I tried it out and here's my experience:
This program is great. It is stable and does exactly what I need. I can sync or duplicate (either direction) from any folder on my desktop to any folder on my PPC, and I can define subfolders to be included or excluded. It's fast and easy to use. Very fast, in fact. The web site is goofy, cuz it's not written in English, but it is clear which is the proper download, and once installed, the program itself is in English.

One caveat: gotta be careful with this. If a file is created on the PPC and opened in Word on the desktop, and then saved again in PocketWord or Rich Text format, it's fine: those changes will be synchronized back to the PPC. If the desktop saves it in MS Word format, though, instead of rtf or pocket word, the file is corrupted and cannot be opened on either the desktop or PPC. It is destroyed. Unsalvagable.

If a person can be careful to not save files in MSWord format, you're golden. Absolutely golden. Cannot recommend this program enough.

I now use a program called Picture Password (www.picturepassword.com) to secure the data on my PPC [this program requires a password to unlock the PPC, but first presents a picture of your choosing, and will unlock as a quick shortcut if you can correctly tap the predefined spot or spots -- configured by you. It's nifty, and quick. This allows a shortcut to quickly get into your PPC without having to go thru the password process. BUT, you only get one try with the picture, and if you don't know where to tap, you need to know the password again. It's simple and fast. Costs $15, but if you enter the coupon code PDACORPS, you get a $5 discount].

My ipaq came with FSecure, a file encryption program, that has since been upgraded to PointSec's personal edition of their file encryption software. This allows me to secure data on my SD card.

Mobsync allows me to sync that data, then, to an encrypted volume on my desktop (I use SafeHouse), rather than to the desktop's My Documents folder, which of course would not be secure on my desktop.

So between SafeHouse, PicturePassword and Pointsec, I have a system that perfectly secures data on my desktop, my PPC, and my storage card. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks, TB, for the tip. I appreciate it!!!

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