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10/12/05 04:11 AM
Finally...the HP rx1950

Ok folks,

Ever since HP discontinued the 4150 and came out with that ridiculous new blocky style of Pocket PC, I never forgave them. Until now.. I think.. with the introduction of that rx1950. Looks exactly the same as the review mentions on this site however why did they leave the Bluetooth out?? I pressume the only time I would think about using it would be with a bluetooth cellphone or with a bluetooth gps unit. Anyhow, it looks great and the price is affordable for what you get. Good job HP!

Anyone have any thoughts on this new unit? I'm already looking at gps add ons for it as I have always preferred the way mapping software looks on a pda rather than on an actual garmin or magellan unit. Even the GPS PDA's that garmin produces don't have all the nice features that this unit has.

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