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05/08/06 06:24 PM
SPAM Filters needed for Mobile Windows 5.0 (8125)

I have reached out to both Cingular and Microsoft and haven't found a resolution for this issue.

I have the 8125, my email server is POP3 and there are NO spam filters on my company's server. Based upon previous customer service issues, the company has decided to keep spam blocking at the desktop level within Outlook. Because of this, my 8125 gets completely bogged down with crap email (yes, I have set the view filters to provide only headers for the emails) every time I turn on the sync (over 120 spam messages on Saturday between 10am and 1 pm!).

Since Outlook for Mobile Windows doesn't have the same spam blocking capabilities as Outlook, I am afraid that I will have to return this product if there isn't a MW 5.0 software product available to help block these messages.

I have found this product (, but they haven't replied yet with their MW 5.0 compatibility. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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