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09/25/07 06:49 PM
htc touchphone

this glossy looking expensive phone probably has basic problems. i purchased two handsets in india, using it here, and within a couple of weeks both developed same fault without mutual syncronisation. earphone of handsets stopped working and now i have to work only with its speakerphone, and spaekerphone is horribly weak. its a shame for such a product. i have complained to the company. they have suggested to take it to service center which is only in a few big cities. i am searching for some other suitable phone.

windows 6.0 on this phone also has a few problems, but probably it is a software problem. i cant keep call-log for more than a week. what is the point of having such huge memory and such helplessness in log-size. in earlier version of windows there was no such limit. so they have actually added a new problem. what a development!

sunil kumar

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