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08/31/03 01:10 AM
New User Needs Basic Help With Music Files

I just purchased a IPAQ 2210 and have been trying to create playlists. The user's guide is prettly slim on instructions. (I'm also pressed for time, so may have missed the section.) I would appreciate if someone could walk me through the steps. Also, when I've been successful in transferring digital files from PC to PDA I've found that I only have enough memory for a few songs - each song is about 7mb in size. I'm thinking of getting a SD card, but when I do the math a 256mb card will only store about 30-35 songs, at best 1.5-2 CD's worth. That doesn't seem like alot. A friend who has a digital handheld 'walkman' type device says he gets hundreds of songs on his with less memory. I know I'm missing something here, and hope someone can set me straight. Thanks in advance.

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