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09/09/03 06:35 AM
freeware database softwares for ppc


I have been searching for a freeware database software wherein I could create databases, append data to that database, create queries, and generate forms/reports

So far I had found some at:
This site has DBCONSOLE and DBFORMGEN(only works with ppc2002 or lower). With this two you can work with your database and if you know evc++ you can expand capabilities of the form generator.
XDb. This freeware has an explorer-like interface. I can't get this thing to work with my ipaq h1940 maybe its also not compatible with ppc2k3 (French site but has a decent collection of freewares)
freecedb. Now this is what worked for me. I create databases and append data via this freeware and used dbconsole for sql capabilities and exporting result data in my ppc.

Is there any other freeware database software that can be a replacement for pocket access like these ones? What's with pocket access? I heard it was bundled in early versions of ppcs.

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