(PDA Addict)
06/08/04 12:51 AM
Re: Which Palm Model Should I Get?


My Palm Requirements:

-Keep track of due dates, to do lists
-Looking up future dates and past dates for scheduling
-Take down notes
-A long battery life
-Keep track of contacts
-Easy on the eyes to read
-Keep a log of daily events

Can someone please give me advice and recommendation on choosing a model.

I recommend the Tungsten E. While all the models you name will fill the bulk of your requirements, a hi res display is much easier to read. I used to read a lot on my old Palm Vx, but found that the new hi res displays greatly reduced eye fatigue. The characters are better formed and more precise. Compare them yourself in a store before making a final decision. I personally would never go back to a low res display. FWIW.

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