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06/16/04 01:23 AM
My choices

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I have been using PDAs since pre Palm days. I was just given a Clie TJ-37 as a gift (I gave him his first Casio PDA many years ago).

Although I like it (kills my current Visor Deluxe) I have a couple weeks to exhange it if I want. I also own a Sony Ericsson bluetooth phone so BT would be nice; cool for ease of use with BT headet and nice to have internet connection always available (though I can get internet by linking phone via infrared). That said when I can find a free wifi spot (rare I guess), it is great.

So here is what I am considering,

1. Just keep the TJ-37. It's small and sweet, though no BT and short battery life.

2. Upgrade to TH-55. Battery runs down fast on the TJ37. Especially with wifi or listening to audible books. Double the power time would be nice. Larger screen with soft grafitti area would also be sweet.

3. Switch to Zire 73 or T3 to get BT.

4. Jump ship. Go to Pocket PC and buy Dell Axim X30 with BT and WIFI. I've never used PPC so I am hesitant to leave old tried and true Palm OS; though it looks pretty good on casual inspection.

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