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06/17/04 11:22 PM
to 71 or 72, that is the question.......

Hi, planning on buying me a colour (color for the american audience) palm, and i got my heart set on on one with a camera, although not a major factor, i do find myself wishing i had a cam with me to take a picture of something that i feel deserves to be taken, when i found the zire 71, i thought thats the one i want, plus the added bonus of mp3's though, again, not a major factor, so i waited for tax season to roll around, however the 72 came into play, with faster processor, better images etc.... but my concern at this point is with battery life, my current palm, just a plain Zire, i barely need to recharge, usually once a month (either really good battery capacity, or i just don't switch it on that much) i love the idea of the slightly more powerful and faster 72, although i would hardly, if at all worry about the bluetooth side of the 72, so it comes down to the longer battery life of the 71, or the extra camera etc capabilities of the 72? any suggestions?

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