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06/18/04 10:04 PM
PDA for medical student/gadget addict

Hi! I'm a medical student about to go to my clinical rotations and I'm buying my first PDA soon. I think that a basic one would meet my needs for digital medical texts and whatnot that I need to carry with me in the hospitals, but I also want one that will play music, games and allow me to surf the web when I get bored. I'm really thinking of either the sony UX-50 or the iPaq 4150 or 4350 (or any other PDA with both bluetooth and WiFi). Price isn't a big issue with me and I don't really know what the differences are between the Palm OS or Windows mobile. I'm almost sold on the UX-50 (the camera and keyboard are pretty nice), but I'm concerned that the screen and the battery aren't big enough. Any comments or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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