06/20/04 06:53 PM
Re: Which PDA for grad student?



I've been reading reviews and trying to get acquainted with the endless PDA options, but would love some advice. I need a PDA that would serve as a notebook replacement for when I'm traveling and doing archival research. I'm in the social sciences, so all I really need to do is word processing--but that includes formatting, footnotes etc. etc. Seems like Palm is better than PPC for this, though I have read about Text Maker for PPCs. I need to be able to transfer Word files back and forth from the PDA to my Mac, definitely need internet capability for when I'm abroad, a decent amount of memory, and a screen that is not going to kill my eyes as I take notes and write and edit papers.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

Yes,I would agree with the Palm device.To replace a note book..mind you hand-held devices do not have that much storage capacity,unless you have a fairly good sized storage card.Price will exponentially startle you!!There are a lot of third-party programs available for the Palm OS.When you say Internet capability overseas..do you mean going from US to another country or coming to US from another country? So,lets say you are going to Europe from US..the entire wireless standard is GSM there...If you are coming to US..CDMA technology by far is superior in US.There are a lot of options for that.Wi-Fi cards,BlueTooth and a true PDA/Phone.This does increase the cost of device respectively in that order.Tungsten W comes to mind first... any Palm One device is next..as you mentioned the screen resolution is important Treo 600 is out of the question. Regardless, I would sincerely advice you to please read all the reviews here to first determine if the devices here are any to your specifications.If you at one point decide the type of device then we can steer you in the right direction as there might be many manufacturers of devices that might be a little cheaper.So,feel free to ask if we can be of further assistance.

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