Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
06/21/04 05:18 PM
Re: Yet another "Which should I buy"!

Quoting from our review:

"Comparing the TH55 to the Palm Tungsten T3

The Tungsten T3 and TH55 are clear competitors since both are slate design Palm OS 5 devices with 320 x 480 displays. While selecting a PDA is a matter of personal choice, we'll outline some of the salient features which may help you select a model.

Pro TH55: The TH55 has a lot of popular and sexy features such as the integrated VGA digicam and WiFi, while the Tungsten T3 has neither. Let's face it: most of us don't need a camera, but it's really fun and handy for capturing special moments. WiFi is ever-popular in the US, so if you have a WiFi access point at home/work or want to surf from the airport or your local Starbucks, the TH55 is the way to go. Battery life is quite good, beating the T3. While both units have an MP3 player, the TH55 sounds a bit better and louder.

Pro T3: The T3 does have Bluetooth, which is perfect if you want to access the Net using a Bluetooth mobile phone rather than via WiFi. The T3's screen is brighter and supports both portrait and landscape orientations. If you're a gamer or just crave serious power, the T3 is your model: the 400 MHz processor and 52 megs of available RAM make it a top performer. The d-pad and button arrangement are great for gaming. When closed, the T3 is smaller than the TH55. The T3 has Java support."

From personal experience, I actually don't use the landscape mode to view maps on my T|3 because many maps/routes are designed for the portrait mode. I think it will all come down to whether you want WiFi+camera+better sound and battery (TH55) or BT+faster processor+more RAM (T|3).

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