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06/21/04 11:30 PM
which pocketPC Toshiba e740 or Dell Axim 30X

which PDA to buy, Toshiba e740 (400Mhz, 64Mb ram, pocketPc 2002 ,SD and CompactFlash port) at 229 or Dell Axim 30X, (315Mhz, 32Mb ram, pocketPc 2003 SE, SD port) at 226.

The good thing that I like about e740 it has both SD and CF port but it is not uppgradable to latest version 2003 of pocketPC.

Dell Axim 30X is just out. I know there is also a 600Mhz ver. but I want to compare to the above one. Hardware-wise at this given price I prefere the Toshiba. Is there much difference between 2002 and 2003 pocketPC. What are your suggestion? comments?
thnx microPC.

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