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06/23/04 01:58 PM
Zire 71 and Tungsten E at same price - which to get?

Hi! Total newbie here, and this is a great forum.

If I can get the Zire 71 or the Tungsten E for the same price (and it looks as though I can), which should I get? I'm basically looking for a glorified organizer that can play MP3s. The camera on the Zire is a nice touch, but not essential if the E is better in all other respects.

Both represent the top end of my budget. Before I saw the price of the 71, I had been deciding between the 31 and the E. The 31 would meet my basic needs, and the E would be that "what the heck - for just $50 more I can get this, this, and this" option. In other words, I won't go the extra money for something even fancier than the 71.

The manufaturer's warranty on the Zire is a year, but the E offers only 90 days, and I've read a fair number of reviews, particularly on amazon, that suggest that the Tungsten E tends to dissolve just after the warranty expires. Others, however, say the E can do no wrong. So, for the same price, which device, the 71 or the E, offers me the best user-friendliness, reliability, battery life, etc? Many thanks in advance.

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