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06/23/04 04:28 PM
Re: Which PDA for grad student?

Thanks for your advice. Now we start getting into areas in which I'm relatively ignorant--for example, when I said I needed to be able to connect to the internet, all I meant was that when I'm in the UK at a university (right now I'm in the US at a university), I would like to be able to access that university's wireless network (which is free). Is it possible to do this sort of thing from a PDA without buying a wireless plan? I just went and read the review of the Tungsten W (which has been discontinued as of April, but I'm sure it's still in stores/ebay), and it sounds as if I would have to get some sort of phone plan in order to utilize its wireless capacity. Am I wrong on this?

As for storage, you make a good point. Again, here comes my ignorance! Is it possible to use those little removable memory sticks? How would people suggest dealing with sizable documents on a PDA?

Many thanks for you help and patience.

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