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06/25/04 03:25 PM
Zire 21 w/2M.B.'s Mem ?

A friend of mine has a PalmOne Zire 21 ,with only 2M.B. of Memorey, all of the Zire 21's I've read up on have 8M.B. ? Was this a promontional release or something ,I think he got it thru some kind of promo thingy? My situation is I as of now use a regular orginizer and since I like gadgets I've been looking into purchasing a PDA ,I like the idea of being able to download my leads etc onto my PC ,as a back up ,incase I should somehow lose the info ! He says its never been used ,still in box w/CD etc. He wants $40 for it ! Is this a good idea and whats up with the only 2 M.B. of Mem. I did not want to spend alot of $ ,onl;y to find out I dont like using a PDA ,also I was concerned about reviews I've read about the Zire21 resetting itself near cell phones ! .Do all PDA's have the notepad fuction ,I dont know about learning graffitie, yet ? This is my frist post at this web site and I would like to say hi to all my fellow gadget lovers ! Thanks in advance for any advice !
Take Care NicRic

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