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06/28/04 05:45 PM
Re: P80900US vs P80900ML3

Just bought a tungsten C last week and ended up receiving the P80900ML3 instead of the US version. I could have sworn I checked all the model numbers correctly, but that's for me and the vendor to work out. (not sure if it was a mistake, but I certainly didn't pay more just to receive the wrong model)

At any rate besides the extra languages in the unit and manual, it seems the same as my friend's US version. (comes with ~5 power adapter face plates you can snap on for whatever country you're in.) I applied the 2.0 update ( ) for US/CA versions and it worked fine. I tried to go through the steps for the intl update, but was tired of viewing non-english pages.

So far, so good. wifi at home worked fine (router is G on chan #3) and also worked well with my uninformed neighbors who haven't secured their routers.

Hopefully the intl version wont bite me down the road with some kind of incompatibility. (also still seems odd the US version is more expensive)



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