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07/02/04 05:00 AM
Zire 72 vs TJ37 (best for needs)

k so.. i'm purchasing my first handheld. Searched around the internet, and so far the zire 72 and clie tj37 seem the most appealing to me, both with reguard to price and functions.

Looking through both websites, it seems to me that the Z72 is more powerful in every reguard, though the tj37 looks better.

What i'm planning on doing with the handheld:
taking notes and quickly adding items to a "to do list"
syncing with MS office (outlook, excel)
i'd like a camera on the PDA, both of which the above have.. the z72 seems to have a stronger one?
also.. i'd like to be able to play games on the handheld, and from what I gather, the z72 seems to have a processor better suited for gaming.

the only drawback I can find to the z72 is that it is bluetooth, a technology which I do not use. I have a wifi network in my house, but i don't particularly have the need to access the internet through it.. as long as I can hook it up to a computer and download whatever i need onto the handheld i'd be pretty happy with that.

so.... can someone please pick one of the 2 for me to buy, also.. i'm open for any other suggestions.. and i am willing to go up another 100$ over the price of the 2 PDAs i listed if there is something significantly better thats available.

also.. in comparison to Pocket PC's, how do my 2 selections rank against comparable Pocket PCs? also.. whats better for my needs PDA or PPC?

Thank you in advance for your help

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