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07/05/04 09:55 PM
Don't buy a PalmOne Zire 72! I did and regret it!

Hi gang,
I purchased a PalmOne Zire 72 a month ago over the T3. My biggest complaints are 2 things. First, the great blue rubberized finish is flecking and coming off. Trust me, I am very careful with this unit and it is stored in the soft case most of the day. I have contacted PalmOne concerning this and the said they are aware of the problem and offered no solution or any further help. Thanks for nothing PalmOne! My month old Zire 72 looks very unprofessional! So much for showing it off to my collegues. Secondly, it seems to have fatal errors at random times and clicks. I have no 3rd party software on it so I am somewhat disappointed with this problem. My recommendation, look hard and long at the Sony Clie line-up. I know they are no longer going to be in the North American market but I if I could do this over I would have purchased from Sony!

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