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07/09/04 06:18 AM
Which one will be better overall?

I am looking at either buying a Sony TH-55 or an HP Ipaq 4150. Now, where I live in Canada, I am able to get the Sony for about $500 cdn and the Ipaq for $600. Both have very similar features, and are very comparable. The one thing I am wondering about, as I dont have alot of experience with PDA's is the fact that the Sony is running Palm OS 5.2.1 . I dont know what kind of availibility of software there is on Palm OS being that I will want to run MSN messanger and browse the web. Also I know that the Sony is running the variable speed processor at 128 MHZ whereas the HP has a 400 MHZ Intel chip in it. If I try to watch a movie or do processor intensive things will this make a big difference?

I am wondering which is the better deal, and futhermore based on those replies, which i should go buy tommorow!


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