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07/14/04 12:42 AM
Axim x30 vs e755 vs a620

Well, I need a nice, not-too-expensive PPC, but capable of good performances. (Really? Incredible! )
After many studies (helped by this website: thanks), I have 3 models in mind...

1. The Dell X30, cause it seems to be the most powerful and less expensive. I can get the 312MHZ for 227? (32MB ram) or 323? (64MB with wi-fi and bluetooth)

2. the Toshiba e755, which I love for its design and the 3,8" screen, for 359?

3. The little Asus Mypal a620, 300? (64MB)... but the reviews I read surfing the web were not too good.

I must add that I would like to use a modem, but i found just CF modem around, for this reason I'm more oriented on the last two models (unless you know things I don't), cause they both have CF slots.

So, please, i need your help! Thanks

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