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07/16/04 12:15 PM
BlueTooth vs Wi-Fi Card

I have two questions:

I have a Zire 71 and have been looking forward to the SanDisk Wi-Fi 256 card coming out but at $125 I'm wondering if it's a better idea to "eBay" my Z71 and just buy the Z72 which has built-in bluetooth.

I have no experience with either but I'm trying to make a good financial decision.

Question 1: Should I shell out $125 for the card or ebay the Z71 and add the $125 I would have spent for the wi-fi card to the gains from the sale of the Z71 and buy the Z72.

Question 2: I plan on getting the Motorola V710 cellphone from Verizon when it comes out and it has bluetooth. I have no idea how to use a bluetooth phone with a bluetooth PDA like the Z72. Is it awkward/cumbersome and will it take up lots of phone minutes versus wi-fi where you're just surfing the air for connection.

Since I have no experience in using either bluetooth or wi-fi, any opinions on these options would be appreciated.


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