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07/18/04 12:37 PM
new to PDAs...help?

Looking on ebay and reading here to learn.

Want a basic PDA to keep appts for work and to d/l to Outlook on both work and home machines (work machine may not be possible due to admin locks but I can get around that in other ways...but I will need to d/l to home machine).

Looking at Palm M130 (in new condition, never used) and new, unopened Palm 21. My main concern is price. I don't want to pay over $50 and have found quite a few machines on ebay that will work.

Palm 21 is b/w with no back light (not too useful as I am often in places with not a lot of light...think ball fields/sports arenas with overhead lights). Palm 21 has also been reported as erasing data if kept near a cellphone. Read those reviews/complaints in two places online. But Palm 21 has faster processor than M130.

So do I go with the newer technology or ? I suppose I will be happy with either since what I am currently using (paper calendar) isn't working for me. Any help, thoughts appreciated. Thanks

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