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07/20/04 02:14 PM
I need help from Long Term Tungsten E users (pref. more than 6 or 7 months)

I really want to get the Tungsten E for myself, as I think that it has all the features that I would require in a PDA without burning a hole in my pocket!!!
However, I keep reading about the disasters that have befallen users of the Tungsten E.
Usually this occurs after a while (the device usually works well in the beginning, but as time progress, the problems start e.g. crashing, misalligned screens, completely dying!!! alot of people also give this as the reason why the warrant period is so short i.e. 3 months)
Anyway, I wanted to know if there are any users of the TE who have used it for a long time and it has been of invaluable use to them without any significant problems.
Please help me out. I would really be grateful!

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