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12/22/04 10:48 PM
Buying a PDA/Handheld

I no longer have any idea what to buy. Why you say? Work I say. There are severe restrictions on what PDA/Handheld can have at work. Here is the list of what I CANNOT have built into the device: 1) No camera, 2) No Bluetooth, 3) No 811.X, 4) No Voice recording/microphone, 5) No Cell Phone, and no 6) Wi-Fi. If possible no ifared. Here is what I would like in order of importance: 1)excellent Hand writing recognition (I am open to purchasing a program like Ducema), 2)Less then $300 new (I am open to used and or older models), 3) Microsoft office and Outlook compatible, 4) Color, 5)Smaller size, 6)built in keyboard. Can you help.

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