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09/19/07 08:27 PM
Voice Command w/ BlueTooth PDA Phone

Ok. I thought I wasn't asking much of a phone, but I'm not really certain what to get with all of the choices out there. I currently have a razr, which is fine, but I want to get my info. from outlook without carrying a PDA as well so I want to upgrade. I'm looking for a PDA phone, which is easy enough to find, but where I can get a bluetooth headset and use voice commands to get it to dial and even play songs would be nice. I purchased MS Voice Command when I planned to buy an XV6700. That order was broken in shipping and they have no more. I then read, while searching for another on e-bay or Amazon, that the XV6700 wouldn't work with bluetooth for voice commands anyway. I don't need the internet on the phone - just looking for a phone, PDA, and Mp3 player all in one that I can use with voice commands through a bluetooth headset - if you know a good headset for the phone you suggest that would be nice to. I'm upgrading and haven't bought a PDA phone ever and my last was a palm or handspring treo w/out the phone part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

By the way, I have Verizon so it would need to work with that also.

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