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12/08/07 09:26 AM
JasJam too SMART for me

Been using I-Mate JasJam for 6 months but some irritations are overshadowing the 'smart' capabilities that I'm not using. Finally decided to look for a better option but I don't understand all the different technologies, operating systems and feature/benefits of SmartPhones,PDA Phones, PDAs etc. I'd really appreciate your guidance to find a more suitable device that works for me. Used to own a PalmV and loved it. Have my own business so can consider all OS/platforms so long as it does the job.

GSM tri-band phone, PDA, Email, Camera. View MS Word/Excel and Acrobat.
Bluetooth, WiFi.
I use the Phone 40%, PDA 40%, Email 15% and Camera 5% of the time.

Phone - talk time > 3hrs, ability to make easy/quick one-handed phone calls from address book (something I cannot do with JasJam), 1000+ contacts, easy text messaging, immediate keyboard access (not a clam)

PDA - Calendar, Ability to manage lots of tasks in different categories, easy/quick input of new tasks......if you know Dave Allen's "Getting Things Done", that's the system I want to use with this device.

Email - Easy Web access to read/reply in Gmail, don't use Outlook

Camera - 1-2Megapixels, mostly inside photography of whiteboards, flipcharts. Ability to email directly from phone.

Voice recorder
Pocket portable instead of holder


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