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05/04/08 06:21 AM
PDA/phone for internet

Hello, I need advice on what to buy!
What I need:
- Wi-Fi
- GPRS/EDGE, 3G would be nice
- GSM quadband phone
- At least a 2M camera with video, 5M would be nice
- Good video/mp3 playback
- Good quality screen - size, res, color...
- Bluetooth
- Dedicated GPS chipset
- A keypad would be nice
What I will use it for (in order of usage):
- Web surfing (java, flash,...)
- e-mail (pop3)
- Office: word, excel
- taking pictures/video
- mp3
- watching videos
- ocasional game
- phone
I travel a lot and work at sea, I need something small that can do basicaly what a notebook can plus GPS, camera and phone. I will use it mostly on wi-fi conection at home and at work and would not like to spend a lot more than US$500. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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