(Head Honcho)
05/05/08 02:46 AM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

Well, it's really hard to comment on the 3G iPhone since it's only rumored and I (and no one outside of Apple and AT&T) have seen it. But I'd say the existing 2G iPhone has the best display. The Glofiish X800 comes in 2nd since it's VGA-- but the caveat is that Windows Mobile doesn't make extensive use of the VGA display (most things are shown at QVGA resolution) and the display is significantly smaller than the iPhone's at 2.8". The N95 has an excellent QVGA display that looks a little better than the Tilt, TyTN and etc. since it's not a touch screen.

I believe some carriers in Brazil use the same bands as the US for 3G, though they're also rolling out on the Euro 2100MHz band:

As you probably guessed, non can compare to the N95 in the camera department though.

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